Our Mission
ABORTION : Save the child in the womb. click 1, 2, 3
CONTRACEPTION: Sex without love and life is meaningless.click 1, 2, 3
STEM-CELL RESEARCH: End gene manipulation, embryo abuse.
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CHILD ABUSE: Stop hurting the Children.click 1, 2, 3
AVOID TEEN PREGNANCY: Promote pre-marital chastity.
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PORNOGRAPHY: a disturbing addiction click 1
ALCOHOL ABUSE: Do not puff and perish. click 1
HOMOSEXUALITY: a need for help and understanding. click 1, 2, 3
HIV/AIDS: Safe Sex can kill you.
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SUICIDE: is there another way out of dispair. click 1
EUTHANASIA: Beware of "Mercy" Killing. click 1, 2
Welcome to Respect for Life India
Respect for Life India is a non-profit, secular organisation of people from all walks of life, united in a common goal-which is to promote life in all its stages - from conception to natural death, and to act against all that would demean human dignity. RFLI believes that every human is precious and unique in the eyes of God and the human family.
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