About Us
Look around and you see an all-pervasive Culture of Death. The attack on the human person is subtle and sustained. Even before conception, before birth, during childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Life becomes a battle. With modern-day advances, society has shrunk to such an extant that even nuclear families are now looked upon as unduly large entities. The family as we knew it - mother, father and children - has shrunk to DINKS (Double Income, No Kids), live in relationships, single-parents... where are we headed?

It is to arrest this Culture of Death and to spread the Culture of Life, that Respect for Life, India, came into being on 6th August, 1986, followed by a nation Pro-life Conference in Bangalore.

First the society was "National Association for Respect For Life". Subsequently in 1997, when the organization was registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960, the name was changed to "Respect For Life India". RFLI is a non-profit, secular organization of people from all walks of life. It consists of a governing body, volunteers and resource persons united in a common goal to promote life in all its stages from conception to natural death, and to act against all that would lessen human dignity. The Association is concerned with issues like abortion, child labour, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide, battered wives, dowry deaths, the plight of disabled, euthanasia and HIV/AIDS.

Governing Body

Mr. Sunil Rego

M. 98450 85422

Vice President

Mrs. Rose Sunderraj
R: 2545 1366
M: 99456 46321

Secretary cum Treasurer

Sr. M. Annunciata, rgs
O: 080 2224 6806
M: 98441 29904

Jt. Secretary

Mrs. Sarah Jose
M: 96866 19170

Committee Member

Sr. Teresa Mandakath
M: 98441 35045

Committee Member

Mrs. Nirmala Prakash
R: 2556 0259
M: 99866 80847

Committee Member

Fr. Stanley Coelho
M. 99010 29710

Committee Member

Vincent Roop Singh
R: 4165 9147
M: 99452 83299

Committee Member

Dr. Mary Thomas
M: 92431 02050

Committee Member

Dr. Maya J Philip
R: 2580 2744
M: 98452 87625

Committee Member

Dr. Olinda Timms
M: 98442 17117

Committee Member

Ms. Asha Shridhar
M: 9198802 74617