Our Activities
RFLI's mode of operation to actualize this Vision has been multi-dimensional.

  • We reach out to all persons, cutting across all bariers. Through this reaching out, we seek to establish networks of well-meaning persons which are non-hierarchical and non-denominational.
  • All are welcomed into the RFLI fold.
  • We train leaders at regular intervals through our seminars, workshops and conferences. These leaders, in turn, work to promote and enhance the Culture of Life in their own local contexts.
  • RFLI acts as a moral agency - reminding people, in a world driven by conflicting belief systems, that only a principled approach to the sacredness of all life can save us from disaster, and bring us lasting happiness, rooted in the Goodness of God, the Creator.
  • Our newsletter RELIEF functions as a pro-life catalyst in India and other countries.
  • Our plan for future is to establish a Programme Centre on a permanent basis, which will enhance our effectiveness as one of the foremost pro-life agencies in India.