Our Activities
Special Initiatives:
These include conferences at the local, national and international levels. Local conferences on topical issues are an annual affair. Two of the most recent national conferences were a great success. the National Conference on Human Sexuality and Sexual Values in 2001 saw as many as 400 pro-lifters taking part and the National Training Workshop for Pro-life Resource Persons in 203, attracted 115 people. RFLI has also initiated and trained individuals to start pro-life units in different parts of the country including Karwar, Shillong, Goa, Agra, Erode and Chennai.

The inauguration of Mahila Mandal (Empowerment of Women) was held on 12th February, 2004, at our RFLI Centre. Nearly forty women took part. As these women are from the slums, sessions are held during the year on Preciousness of Life, mother craft, child care, hygiene, NFP, abortion and gender discrimination issues, preparation of nutritious food at a low cost and skills for generating income.