From Our Visitors' Book

  • MESSAGE FROM IVAN CARDINAL DIAS , Archbishop of Bombay (On the occasion of the Eleventh Asia Pacific Congress )

    “Pope John Paul II, in one of his encyclicals, beautifully states. “The Church, aware that the good of the person, of society and of the Church herself passes by way of the family, has always held it part of her mission to proclaim to all the plan of God instilled in human nature concerning marriage and the family, to promote these two institutions and to defend them against all those who attack them”(Familiaris Consortio, 3,46). Keeping this objective in mind, I pray that the congress may identify and analyze the internal and external factors that affect the family and explore ways and means of strengthening the foundation of unreserved love on which a healthy family is based while combating the forces of modernization and globalization which threaten its basic structure. I wish the Congress every success and assure it of my special prayers.


    It is the bonding in the family that strengthens the psyche of an individual Undivided psyche (mind) is what happiness is. This bonding in the family helps one to cross all the hurdles in life. In turn, every individual in the conscious bonding of the family evolves, one comes to the ancient ideal “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”- One World Family which is the goal or spirituality.



    Human Life International is proud to be the guiding force for so many honest efforts to strengthen respect for life, marriage and the family in a world in which these scared realities are often the targets of attack from vested interests and international organizations. We rely on God and His mighty power to protect us and keep us in his grace. As we join together in affirming the value of the family let us pray for one another and ask God’s blessing on everything that we do to affirm the family as a gift of God.

  • MESSAGE FROM THE GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA T.N. Chaturvedi (On the Ocassion of the 11th Asia-Pacific Congress in Bangalore)

    “The aims and objectives of the organization are of genuine relevance to the present day society in which family plays a pivotal role in the shaping up of individuals as good citizens. Human values are better absorbed by individuals at home where they are practiced than at other places where they may be just theoretically preached. The need is no bridge the gap. It is a pity that in the modern world, even nuclear families are seen as unwieldy entities and alien concepts that are deleterious to domestic happiness and the good of society seems to creep in, especially in big cities. Viewed in this perspective, the theme of the Congress assumes much importance for the well being of the society as a whole. I hope efforts would be made to carry the message of the deliberations to a wider section of people.”

  • My life was darkness and misery. I decided to end my life. I heard you give interesting talks, so I decided to end my life on the 21st (the day the sessions ended). Today I realize I am precious, unique and have a purpose in life and this idea of ending my life has been wiped away. I ask you, I beg of you to go to all the schools and colleges, even government schools and tell them all that you have told us so that if there are any who want to end life, like me, will have this idea wiped away.

    Student, STD. 9